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Ed Fagan Inc. adds Carpenter VimVar Core Iron to its Stock

August 29th, 2006

Ed Fagan Inc announces that it has added a broad range of diameters of Carpenter Vim Var Core Iron to its inventory in Franklin Lakes, NJ.  These bars are stocked in 12 foot random lengeths and can be cut to your requirements. 

Vim Var Core Iron Diameters

.750" 1.75" 4.125"
.835" 2.375" 5.500"
1.000" 2.625" 6.000"
1.250" 3.000" 10.250"

Carpenter VIM VAR Core Iron is a low carbon magnetic iron produced using vacuum induction melting plus vacuum arc remelting practices.  Other elements commonly found in low carbon irons are held as low as possible to ensure good DC magnetic properties. 

This double melting technique controls the distribution of nonmetallic inclusions to a minimum length and frequency so that thin wall sections will not contain leaks due to internal discontinuities. 

Carpenter VIM VAR Core Iron is often used in the manufacture of soft magnetic components where vacuum integrity is needed such as in power tubes and microwave devices.  In addition, relays, solenoids, and magnetic pole pieces for scientific instruments may be made utilizing the qualities of VIM VAR Core Iron.

If you have any furhter questions, regarding the technical specifications of Carpenter VIM VAR Core Iron, you can: download the VIM VAR Core Iron Data Sheet, or call or Sale Staff at 800 348 6268 in the US and Canada or 201 891 4003 world wide.

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