The Materials You Need When You Need Them

Ed Fagan Inc. Customer Service Programs

Ed Fagan Inc. takes great pride in the ISO Certified level of service we provide to our customers. We have supplied specialty metals, alloys, and hard-to-locate materials to high-technology industries since 1965. Our specialty is solving the inventory management problems of our customers.

Chat with Ed Fagan Inc.

Ed Fagan Inc. wants to hear from you. We provide our customers with various ways to reach us, from toll free numbers, contact forms and request for pricing via the web, online chat and email.

Hard-to-Find Materials

If you need a special purpose material that you can’t find, please use our Hard-to-Find, Material-Locator service here. If you can’t find it, we’ll source it for you.

Technical Expertise

Do you have questions relating to an alloy’s thermal expansion, heat treating procedures? Any question about specialty purpose alloy’s applications, physical, mechanical and chemistry properties, machining, tooling, --you name it Ed Fagan Inc. has a wide-range of experienced, technical managers just waiting to help.

No Order Is Too Small

When your alloy requirement does not justify a mill run or perhaps you are working on a prototype, contact Ed Fagan Inc. Many of our customers started with a small order of less than a pound. We welcome all orders regardless of the quantity.


Do you need the bar, rod, sheet, to be delivered with a certification? Not a problem on our end, but mention your requirements to your account manager or indicate on your purchase order.

Just-In-Time Shipping

We understand deadlines. All of Ed Fagan Inc. stock alloys and metals are guaranteed to ship within twenty-four hours of placing your order.

Custom Stocking

No space for inventory? Need to maximize your yield? Ed Fagan Inc. Customer Stocking Program provides customers with the peace-of-mind that their materials can be shipped on demand, in the quantities as needed.


Talk to us about joining the EFI Consignment Program and we will provide you the resources to streamline your manufacturing process, bottom line cost savings, and service improvement. The consignment Program puts the inventory you need on your floor, when you need it.

Materials to Specifications

Ed Fagan Inc. can cut, shear, slit and ceterless grind your purhcase so it meets your exact specifications.