Invar® Plate | (CarTech® Free-Cut Invar “36”® Alloy, NILO® 36, Pernifer® 36)

Invar plate controlled expansion alloyEd Fagan Inc. inventory of controlled expansion alloys contains a wide selection of Invar® for your next project.  Our inventory is stocked with an array of high-quality Invar plate that ranges in thicknesses from 0.250 to 4.564 inches.  All of our metals and alloys, including Invar plate, ships with certified mill test reports.


We stock the standard grade of Invar Alloy in the forms of sheet and plate. This conventional Invar alloy is used generally for its optimum low expansion properties. It has a slightly lower coefficient of thermal expansion than Free Cut Invar.  The standard Invar Alloy plate is made to conform to ASTM F1684,  AMS I 23011 chemistry only, UNS  K93603, ASTM A753 chemistry only.


At Ed Fagan Inc. our in-house capabilities provide cost-effective, custom precision cutting solutions for our customers who prefer their Invar plate semi-processed.


Call Ed Fagan Inc. at 800-348-6268 and speak to our material experts.  They will provide you with complete details on our capabilities, which includes shearing, saw cutting and our state-of-the-art FLOW water jet cutting services.

Below please find a sampling of our standard stock items. Our inventory fluctuates based on market demands. If you do not see the size or form you require, we ask that you call us for current product availability.
Invar® Plate ThicknessSKU NumberInvar® Plate ThicknessSKU Number
0.250” Invar PlateINV-PL-2501.750” Invar PlateINV-PL-1.750
0.375” Invar PlateINV-PL-3752.000” Invar PlateINV-PL-2.000
0.500” Invar PlateINV-PL-5002.250” Invar PlateINV-PL-2.250
0.625” Invar PlateINV-PL-6252.500” Invar PlateINV-PL-2.500
0.750” Invar PlateINV-PL-7502.750” Invar PlateINV-PL-2.750
1.000” Invar PlateINV-PL-1.0003.000” Invar PlateINV-PL-3.000
1.250” Invar PlateINV-PL-1.2504.000” Invar PlateINV-PL-4.000
1.500” Invar PlateINV-PL-1.5004.564” Invar PlateINV-PL-4.564

For an Invar® data sheet, or any other Controlled Expansion Alloy data sheets, please go to our Alloys and Metals Literature Library section.