Molybdenum TZM Round Bar | Rod

molybdenum tzm round bar rod refractory alloyEd Fagan Inc. is a leading global supplier of refractory metal and alloys.  Our warehouse stocks Molybdenum TZM in round bar in a wide range of diameters.  The table below reflects a a sample of our standard stock sizes.

At Ed Fagan Inc. your order of round bar can be shipped within 24 hours of your order confirmation.  We can process your materials to your requirements with our in-house capabilities.

Call us today for our competitive pricing on Molybdenum TZM bar | rod.  If you prefer, complete our simple Request A Quote form and our sales team will gladly provide you with pricing.

Below please find a sampling of our standard stock items. Our inventory fluctuates based on market demands. If you do not see the size or form you require, we ask that you call us for current product availability.
Molybdenum TZM
Round Bar | Rod
SKU NumberMolybdenum TZM
Round Bar | Rod
SKU Number
0.125” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-1250.625” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-625
0.187” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-1870.750” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-750
0.250” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-2500.875” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-875
0.312” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-3121.000” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-1.000
0.375” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-3751.180” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-1.180
0.500” Molybdenum TZM Round BarTZM-RD-500

For a Molybdenum TZM data sheet, or any other Refractory Metals and Alloys data sheets, please go to our Alloys and Metals Literature Library section.