Tungsten Sheet

tungsten sheet refractory metalEd Fagan Inc. is a leading supplier of Tungsten sheet.  Sheet sizes range from .005″ to .187″.  Although Tungsten sheet is not a stock item, we will source the materials from our network of suppliers.  Contact the material experts at Ed Fagan Inc. for material lead times.

If Tungsten is a material you readily use, Ed Fagan Inc. will develop a custom stocking program designed for your needs.  Talk to one of our material experts on how we can assist you in your supply chain requirements for Tungsten.

Below please find a sampling of our standard stock items. Our inventory fluctuates based on market demands. If you do not see the size or form you require, we ask that you call us for current product availability.
Tungsten Sheet  
Tungsten Sheet ThicknessSKU NumberTungsten Sheet ThicknessSKU Number
0.005” Tungsten SheetW-SH-0050.050" Tungsten SheetW-SH-050
0.007” Tungsten SheetW-SH-0070.060” Tungsten SheetW-SH-060
0.010” Tungsten SheetW-SH-0100.0625” Tungsten SheetW-SH-0625
0.015” Tungsten SheetW-SH-0150.080” Tungsten SheetW-SH-080
0.020" Tungsten SheetW-SH-0200.090” Tungsten SheetW-SH-090
0.025" Tungsten SheetW-SH-0250.125” Tungsten SheetW-SH-125
0.030" Tungsten SheetW-SH-0300.187” Tungsten SheetW-SH-187
0.040" Tungsten SheetW-SH-040

For a Tungsten data sheet, or any other Refractory Metals and Alloys data sheets, please go to our Alloys and Metals Literature Library section.