EFI Alloy 50 (Magnifer® 50, CarTech® High Permeability® 49, Alloy 4750)

A soft magnetic alloy consisting of 49% nickel and balance iron.  EFI Alloy 50 is applicable when high initial permeability, maximum permeability and low core loss is needed.  The grade of material you need is dependent of your application.

EFI Alloy 50 is known by the manufacturer’s trade names of  Magnifer 50, CarTech High Permeability 49 and Alloy 4750.

EFI Alloy 50 is produced by the leading specialty metals manufacturers, Carpenter Technology Corporation and VDM Metals.

Ed Fagan Inc. supplies EFI Alloy 50 in a variety of forms, dimensions and conditions. Our stock includes the following:

Alloy 50 Strip Product Grades

  • Non-oriented Magnetics Rotor Grade (RG)
  • Oriented Magnetics Transformer Grade (TG)
  • Non-oriented Shielding grade (SG)

Alloy 50 Round Bar, Rod and Wire Rod Products

  • Standard Grade (ST)
  • Free Machining Grade (FM)

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CarTech High Permeability is a trademark of Carpenter Technology Corp., Reading PA
Magnifer is a register trademark of VDM GmbH, Germany