Hiperco® 50, Hiperco® 50A, Hiperco® 50 HS

The Hiperco® 50 Family of Alloys

The Hiperco® 50 family of alloys (Hiperco 50, 50A, 50 HS) are iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic alloys comprised of 49% cobalt, 2% vanadium, balance Iron.  In contrast, Hiperco 50 and Hiperco 50 HS both contain small varying amounts of Niobium for grain refinement during processing and final heat treating for higher yield strength.


These three unique soft magnetic alloys exhibit high magnetic saturation of 24 kilogauss and excel in applications where this attribute is needed.  Hiperco®50 maintains its strength after heat treating making it your best choice for applications that experience high forces (e.g. rotating parts).


The Hiperco® family of alloys comply to the following specifications: ASTM A801 Alloy Type 1 and MIL A 47182.


Hiperco® 50 Alloy

Hiperco® 50 Alloy is an iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic alloy which exhibits high magnetic saturation (24 kilogauss), high D.C. maximum permeability, low D.C. coercive force and low A.C. core loss.  Produced in strip form only and contains a small niobium addition for grain refinement during mill processing and final heat treatment of strip.

Hiperco® 50A Alloy

Hiperco® 50A is a high-magnetic-saturation alloy which has been used for transformer laminations and tape toroids. Has slightly better magnetic properties than Hiperco® 50 alloy. Available from Ed Fagan Inc. in the form of round bar larger than 0.500″,  strip and wire less than 0.250″ round for your next application.

Hiperco 50 HS Alloy

Hiperco® 50 HS is a high-magnetic-saturation alloy which possesses a unique combination of high yield strength and moderate core loss. Capable of producing a higher yield strength than conventional Hiperco® 50 alloy. It has been used primarily in laminations for high speed generators and magnetic bearings. Niobium (Columbium) is added for strength.  This alloy is produced in strip form.


Ed Fagan Inc. is a leading supplier of Hiperco 50, Hiperco 50 A and Hiperco 50 HS, as well as other special purpose metals and alloys.  Above you will find links for the forms and sizes we supply coupled with the links below providing informative data on applications, properties, including machining and annealing guides.  Please contact the sales team at 800-348-6268 to place your order or if you have any questions.