Hiperco® 50, Hiperco® 50A & Hiperco® 50 HS Properties

Hiperco 50 soft magnetic alloy propertiesEd Fagan Inc. is a leading supplier of  the soft magnetic alloys Hiperco® 50, Hiperco 50A and Hiperco 50 HS.  At Ed Fagan Inc. we recognize that the properties of the alloys we sell is an important factor when designing and evaluating a material for an application.

The tables below are provided as a reference.  They include the chemistry, physical and mechanical properties, specifications, along with magnetic properties for the Hiperco family of products we supply.   Should you have any questions about the properties of these alloys, please contact us.  Our team is trained in the properties and attributes of the materials we sell and will guide you through your selection process.

For a Hiperco 50, 50A & 50 HS data sheet, or any other Soft Magnetics Alloys data sheets, please go to our Alloys and Metals Literature Library section.

Typical DC Magnetic Properties
0.014" Strip
Hiperco®50Hiperco®50AHiperco®50 HS
Saturation Induction - Gauss2400024000
Maximum Permeability1200015000
Coercive Force - Oersteds0.90.4
Coercive Force - A/m7232
Typical AC Magnetic Properties
0.014" Strip
Hiperco® 50Hiperco® 50AHiperco® 50 HS
Core Loss W/lb @ 400Hz & 20k G3430
B-40 Permeability @ 60HzN/AN/A
N/A = not a typical application value
Physical Properties Hiperco® 50Hiperco® 50AHiperco® 50 HS
Densitylb/cu in0.2930.2930.293
Specific Gravity8.128.128.12
Curie Temp°F172017201720
Melting Point°F26002600
Electrical Resistivitymicrohms-cm4040
ohm-cir mil/ft241241253
Thermal ConductivityW/cm °C0.290.29
BTU-in/sq. ft-hr-206.8206.8206.8
Specific HeatkJ/kg- °C0.420.42
BTU/lb- °F0.10.1
Thermal Expansionppm / °F (77°F to 1112°F)
ppm / °C (25°C to 600°C)10.510.5
Mechanical PropertiesTensile Strength
ksi (MPa)
Yield Strength
ksi (MPa)
% Elongation in 2 "
Hiperco® 50
Strip 0.006
Cold Rolled Unannealed205 (1413)190 (1310)1
1385° F 2 hrs

1545° F 2 hrs
120-150 (827-1034)

100-130 (689-896)
56 (386)

45 (310)

Hiperco® 50A
Strip195 (1344)185 (1276)1
1550° F 2 hrs105 (717)53 (365)7
Hiperco® 50 HS
.006 Strip
1328° F 2 hrs

1400° F 2 hrs

177 (1220)

166 (1140)
94 (68)

76 (524)

Composition Nominal
Hiperco® 50Hiperco® 50AHiperco® 50 HS
Source: CarTech® Hiperco®50, 50A, 50 HS DataSheets
Hiperco® 50, 50A, 50 HS Specifications  
Hiperco 50ASTM A801 Type 1UNS R30005 Type 1MIL A 47182
Hiperco 50AASTM A801 Type 1UNS R30005 Type 1MIL A 47182
Hiperco 50 HSASTM A801

For additional information on specifications of the materials distributed by Ed Fagan Inc., please visit the websites of the international standards organizations that develops and publishes technical standards, ASTM International and ASM International.

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