Core Iron (VIM VAR)

Ed Fagan Inc. Core Iron (VIM VAR) is a low carbon magnetic iron produced using vacuum induction melting plus vacuum arc re-melting practices. Other elements commonly found in low carbon irons are held as low as possible to ensure good DC magnetic properties. This double melting technique controls the distribution of nonmetallic inclusions to a minimum length and frequency so that thin wall sections will not contain leaks due to internal discontinuities.

Core Iron (VIM VAR) Products

Core Iron (VIM VAR) A is melted and manufactured to the standards defined in ASTM B848. ASTM B848 designate to sub-specifications.  Alloy Type 1 and Alloy Type 2.  Type 1 is a low phosphorus grade.  Type 2 add small quantities of phosphorus to improve machinability.  There is no UNS designation.

Core Iron A (VIM VAR) is a premium commercial pure iron. It is double-melted under close control to have very low degree of nonmetallic inclusions and very soft magnetic property capability after heat treating.  CarTech Consumet Electrical Iron is double melted to reduce porosity and internal defects. It is used to make parts for electromagnets and vacuum equipment.

Ed Fagan Inc. stocks Core Iron (VIM VAR) in a wide range of round bar, rod and billet.”

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