Ed Fagan


History of Ed Fagan Inc.

Established in 1965 by the late Edward P. Fagan.


Ed Fagan Inc. was originally formed as a sales representation corporation for Westinghouse Corp.  The Company sold Controlled Expansion and Soft Magnetic alloys in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania.  Westinghouse eventually sold these products to Carpenter Technology in Reading, Pennsylvania.  Mr. Fagan realized that a market was created to serve the smaller customers of the electronics industry, who had needs that did not meet the mill requirements of the time.

His vision was to fill that niche by supplying high-quality, cost-efficient, specialty metals, and alloys to this audience based on their material demands with no minimum restrictions on purchase.  Mr. Fagan’s years as a salesman for Westinghouse cultivated and reinforced his belief in the significance of delivering exceptional customer service to all customers big and small.  The combination of his vision and business ethics remains steadfast today at Ed Fagan Inc.

Our first warehouse location was in Midland Park, NJ.  In 1978, we moved to a bigger location in Mahwah, NJ.  In 1982 we contracted with VDM Metals from Werdohl, Germany, to sell their Soft Magnetic Alloys for magnetic shielding.  As the business expanded, we opened a west coast warehouse in Los Alamitos, CA.  We moved from the Mahwah site in 1987 to a larger facility in Franklin Lakes, NJ.  Today we occupy 28,000 square feet in NJ and 12,000 square feet in CA.

These Days At Ed Fagan Inc.

When you need a specialty metal or special purpose alloy for an application or fabrication pertinent to the aerospace, aviation, defense, electronics, energy, medical, optical, research, telecommunications or any of the other high-technology industries, contact the sales team at Ed Fagan Inc. to discuss our applicable stock and competitive pricing.

Our alloys and metals originate from distinguished foundries such as Carpenter Technology, Plansee, and VDM.   With warehouse facilities in New Jersey and California, Ed Fagan Inc. stocks alloys and metals in numerous forms and sizes to meet the needs of our customers: bar, plate, foil, rod, round bar, plate, sheet, strip, and wire.

Our in-house capabilities provide our customers with solutions to meeting engineering and document specifications, including water jet cutting, sawing, and grinding.  All materials arrive fully certified and guaranteed to meet specifications.

Ed Fagan Inc. Product Line Categories

  • Controlled and Low Expansion Alloys
    • Glass-to-metal and ceramic-to-metal sealing alloys
  • Electronic Grade Nickels
  • Soft Magnetic Alloys
    • Non-permanent
    • Electromagnetic shielding
    • Lamination grade
  • Refractory Metal and Alloys

Our specialty is solving the inventory management problems of our customers. When you need a standard stock material quickly, we can have it shipped within 24 hours. And, all materials are certified with shipment. If your material requirement is too small to be of interest to the large producers, we’ll use our buying power and expertise to source it for you. When you have a technical problem relating to a Controlled Expansion, Magnetic, Refractory, or other high-tech material application, our in-house experts can help you solve your problems.

Call the Ed Fagan Inc. team now at 800-348-6268 to place an order or to speak with a materials expert.

If you are online and identified the materials you require, complete our simple, one-page “Request a Quote” form.  You will quickly receive our competitive pricing on the materials you need.


Ed Fagan Inc. supplies the materials you need, when you need them.