Unique Capabilities To Help Solve Your Inventory Needs

ERP Solutions

Ed Fagan Inc. specialty is solving the supply chain and inventory management challenges faced by our customers.  Our continued success depends upon our ability to offer our customers the inventory and quality “source supply” capabilities they need and always depend upon – order after order, month after month, year after year.  Every day at Ed Fagan Inc. we strive to furnish customers with the services of an exceptional supply chain.  Talk to us about the challenges your business faces in the management of your supply chain process.  Our sales team is here to provide you with an effective, individualized solution catered to resolving your business demands.

Technical Expertise

Do you have questions pertaining to an alloy’s thermal expansion or selecting one alloy over another? You have come to the right company! At Ed Fagan Inc. our material experts are trained in the materials we supply, plus our team of metallurgists specialize in refractory metals, controlled expansion, soft magnetic alloys and electronic nickels. So, all questions will be answered.

Fabricating Solutions

Ed Fagan doesn’t just stock material, we help our customers cut cost by supplying metals cut, slit, sheared or ground to near net sizes to help save you time and money.

Below we describe the fabrication services we offer.  Talk with you salesperson and we will help you save money by buying just the material you want.

Waterjet Cutting

Combining unmatched accuracy with the fastest acceleration in waterjet, the Mach 200 elevates cutting production and performance levels.

Engineered for Production – Industry leading drive technology for smooth motion and fast part production.  Using intelligent algorithms and 40 plus of waterjet expertise FlowXpert automatically creates the most efficient waterjet cut path.

Fully integrated into the Mach 200, FlowXpert is a 3D modeling CAD/CAM software suite

  • Imports any CAD file
  • Builds CAD files
  • Creates a CAD file from an imported image

Coil Slitting

We have two slitting lines in NJ staffed by experts in slitting materials for electronics.  Our equipment will handle coil up to 18 inches wide, 4,000 lbs in weight and  thicknesses from .005 to .062.


We can shear material between .010 to .375″  thick and 120″ long.

Saw Cutting

Our sawing departments can saw cut material up to 19 inches in diameter.  We can cut blanks to help you save time in serving your customers.

Centerless Grinding

We have special relationship with local centerless grinders.  If you have a non-standard need for rod, please ask you salesperson how we may satisfy that requirement.  We will happily have our stock rod ground to your precise need.

Hard to Find Materials

Having trouble locating hard to find, exotic, or special purpose material? Is your material requirement too small to be of interest to the big producers? Use Ed Fagan Inc.’s buying power and expertise to source the materials you need.