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Soft Magnetic Alloys

Soft magnetic alloys are easily magnetized and demagnetized. They are uniquely suited for specialized applications that require high permeability, low losses, and low residual magnetism. Only several alloy families meet these characteristics. These include certain nickel-irons, silicon-irons, cobalt-irons, ferritic stainless steels, and pure iron. Selection of a particular alloy requires careful consideration.

Ed Fagan Inc stocks:


EFI Alloy 79

EFI Alloy 79 is a  soft magnetic alloy consisting of 80% Nickel, 5% Molybdenum, and balance Iron used where extremely high initial & maximum permeability and minimum hysteresis is needed. Alloy 79 is also known as Magnifer 79042, Carpenter HyMu 801, Hipernom1, Moly-Permalloy, and Permalloy 80.

EFI Alloy 50

EFI Alloy 50 is a soft magnetic alloy, consisting of 49% Nickel, balance Iron used where high initial permeability, maximum permeability, and low core loss is needed. Alloy 50 is also known as Magnifer 502, Carpenter High Permeability 491, and Alloy 4750.

Hiperco 50 & 50A

Hiperco 50 and 50A1 are alloys of 49% Cobalt, and 2% Vanadium. These alloy exhibits the highest magnetic saturation of any other commercial alloys and excel in applications where this attribute is needed. These alloys have higher mechanical strength than other soft magnetic alloys.

VIM VAR Core Iron

Carpenter VIM VAR Core Iron is a low carbon magnetic iron produced using vacuum induction melting plus vacuum arc re-melting practices. Other elements commonly found in low carbon irons are held as low as possible to ensure good DC magnetic properties. This double melting technique controls the distribution of nonmetallic inclusions to a minimum length and frequency so that thin wall sections will not contain leaks due to internal discontinuities. VIM VAR Core Iron is also known as Consumet Core Iron1.

Radiometal 4550

Radiometal 4550 is a Soft Magnetic Alloy consisting of 45% Nickel, balance Iron alloy and has excellent permeability with high saturation flux density.

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1. Trademark Carpenter Technology Corp., Reading PA
2. Trademark ThyseenKrupp-VDM, Germany