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Find Out How Hiperco 50 and "Sully" Saved Lives

How did Hiperco 50 save the day? Was it due to the magnetic field strength and high power/weight ratio of Hiperco 50? Would another soft magnetic alloy also have worked? Why was Hiperco 50 such a good material for the AUP (Auxiliary Power Unit) and the RAT (Ram Air Turbine) in Captain Sullenberger’s Airbus?

Find out how the strength to weight ratio of Hiperco 50 soft magnetic alloys was critical to the survival of US flight 1549

Why was Tungsten Alloy also a necessary material in the safe landing of US flight 1549? Where was that material employed within the aircraft?

Find out how the high density of Tungsten Alloy provided the gravitational and stabilizing force required

Find Out Why Super Invar Supports the World's Largest Telescope

The Subaru Telescope has the largest single telescope optic ever weighing 33 tons, measuring 8.31 meters diameter, 20 cm thick (a 40.1 diameter/thickness ratio). The primary mirror is uniform & rigid with the smallest possible coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) to prevent deformation.

Find out how Super Invar 32-5 Alloy meets the engineering challenges required for this unique application...

Find Out How SMT Coaxial Connector, Controlled Expansion Alloys Enable Microwave & MM-Wave

Surface mountable RF connectors allow smaller size, lower manufacturing cost, operational frequencies previously unattainable (microwave & mm-wave domains). Controlled expansion alloys allow direct coaxial connector attachment to planar substrate of circuit module or PCBs routing high frequency signals between circuit modules in instruments and systems.

See how EFI Controlled Expansion Alloys can meet your engineering challenges...

High Performance EMI (electro-magnetic interference) Shielding Alloys

Are you trying to locate high performance EMI (electro-magnetic interference) shielding alloys for your application? Do you need these materials in rod, square bar, sheet, and coil/strip? We stock a variety of Soft Magnetic Alloys in various forms and a wide range of sizes. We can also cut, slit or centerless grind your material to your exact specifications.

Find out more about EMI shielding alloys and the other soft magnetic alloys Ed Fagan Inc. stocks...