Nickel 200, Nickel 201 & Nickel 233 Properties

nickel 200 201 233 physical mechanical properties specificationsEd Fagan Inc. knows the mechanical and physical properties, as well as the chemistry are determining factors in your analysis of the various grades of Nickel.  To aid in your selection, the tables below provide a comparative reference of Nickel 200, Nickel 201 and Nickel 233 properties, along with specifications.

Commercially pure wrought, Nickel 200 provides good mechanical properties.  In comparison, Nickel 201 has a lower carbon content for better formability.  Nickel 233 has a controlled magnesium and silicon content and is free from titanium.

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Nickel Physical Properties
 Nickel 200Nickel 201Nickel 205Nickel 233Nickel 270
Densitylb/cu in0.3210.3210.3210.3210.321
Specific Gravity8.898.898.898.898.89
Curie Temp°F660660680660680
Melting Point°F26502650265026502650
Electrical ResistivityMicrohms-cm9.
Ohm/cir mil/ft5751574645
Thermal ConductivityW/cm °C0.790.790.750.810.86
BTU-in/sq. ft-hr-°F605605520565605
Specific HeatBTU/lbm °F0.
Thermal Expansionppm / °F (212° F)
ppm / °C (100°C)1313131313
Nickel Mechanical Properties
 Nickel 200, 201, 205, 233Nickel 270
Tensile Strengthpsi6750
Yield Strengthpsi21.516.0
Elongation, Annealed% in 2 in.4750
Typical Hardness Annealed, max.Rockwell HRB6464
Typical Hardness Cold
Worked, min.
Rockwell HRB9595
Modulus of ElasticityMpsi3030
Nickel Chemistry
Nickel 200Nickel 201Nickel 205Nickel 233Nickel 270
Nickel, min99.
Copper, max.
Iron, max.0.400.400.200.100.005
Manganese, max.0.350.350.350.300.001
Carbon, max.
Silicon, max.0.350.350.0080.100.001
Sulfur, max.
Magnesium, max.0.0870.100.001
Titanium, max.0.050.0050.001
Chromium, max.--0.001
Cobalt, max.0.001
Nickel Specifications
Nickel 200Nickel 201Nickel 205Nickel 233Nickel 270
ASTMB160*, B162**B160*, B162**F3 Grade 2F3 Grade 1F3 Grade 4
* Bar, Rod
** Plate, Sheet, Strip

For additional information on specifications of the materials distributed by Ed Fagan Inc., please visit the websites of the international standards organizations that develops and publishes technical standards, ASTM International and ASM International.