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Molybdenum Forms and Sizes

Ed Fagan Inc. stocks Molybdenum in a variety of forms and sizes. Above please find links for our standard stock. If you do not see the size or form of Molybdenum that you require, please contact our sales team for material availability.

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Molybdenum is a refractory metal that first appeared in the early 20th century as an application for lead wires in incandescent lamps. Since that first application, engineers and scientists continue to find that the properties of Molybdenum make it the material of choice for their industrial processes and applications.

The properties of Molybdenum make it useful in many high-temperature applications where high melting points are required. It also exhibits good strength at elevated temperatures, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and a high level of thermal conductivity making it applicable to the furnace, aerospace, and similar industries.

Molybdenum has become a standard when evaluating material options for furnace and glass sealing components. This metal is considered workable in terms of fabrication and machining.

Good thermal, electrical conductivity, and low coefficient of expansion properties of Molybdenum are utilized to produce ribbons and wires for the lighting industry. With its excellent dimensional stability, the metal is beneficial in electronic/electrical and glass-to-metal sealing applications.

Molybdenum also has nuclear energy applications and is employed as a catalyst in the petroleum refining industry. It is also an essential trace element in plant nutrition. Molybdenum sulfide is useful as a lubricant, especially at high temperatures where oils would decompose.

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