Electrical | Electronic Nickel 205 & 270

Electrical | Electronic Nickel 205 & 270 Available in Round Bar | Rod,  Sheet and Strip | Coil

Ed Fagan Inc. is a leading supplier of electrical Nickel 205 (UNS N02205) and Nickel 270 (UNS N02270) Alloys.  Nickel 205 is a wrought nickel alloy with properties similar to that of Nickel 200 alloy. It exhibits excellent mechanical, electrical and corrosion-resistant properties as well as good oxidation resistance.  The chemistry of Nickel 205 provides a high magnetostrictive coefficient and Curie temperature. 


Nickel 270 (UNS N02270) is comprised of 99.97% nickel and produced via powder metallurgy.  The chemistry specifications indicate a 0.001% maximum limit on cobalt, magnesium, chromium, titanium, sulfur, silicon, manganese and copper. The limit on iron is 0.005% along with a 0.02% limit on carbon. The high purity of Nickel 270 results in a lower coefficient of expansion, electrical resistivity, Curie temperature coupled with  greater ductility than the other grades of nickel.


In addition, Nickel 270 has a low base hardness and high ductility. It is essentially free from non-metallic inclusions.  These properties have proven to make Nickel 270 an advantageous component in select electronic applications.