Nickel 205 & 270 Applications

Ed Fagan Inc. is a leading supplier of Nickel 205 (UNS N02205) and Nickel 270 (UNS N02270) along with other grades of commercially pure Nickels. Nickel 205 is designed  for use in electrical and electronic applications.  Nickel 270 high purity and slightly different composition has made this material beneficial for hydrogen thyratrons, electrical resistance thermometers and as a substrate for precious metal cladding.

Typical examples of wrought nickel included in the formulation of an application:

  • Semi-conductor packaging cans
  • High-temperature electrical leads
  • Magnetostrictive devices
  • Battery plaques
  • Electron tube cathodes
  • Passive cathodes
  • Cathode shankes
  • Anode plates
  • Plater bars
  • Transistor enclosures

When your next project requires wrought nickel, contact the Ed Fagan Inc. sales team toll-free at 800-348-6268.  We will gladly review the wrought nickel grades, forms and sizes we stock and how our competitive pricing along with customer service, beats the competition.

For more information on technology, engineering and advanced materials applications, you can visit the IEEE website, one of the largest technical professional organizations worldwide.