Hiperco® 50, 50A & 50 HS Strip & Coil | Hiperco® 50A Plate

hiperco 50 soft magnetic alloy strip coil

Hiperco 50, 50A and 50 HS are iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic alloys which demonstrate high magnetic saturation (24 kilogauss).  Ed Fagan Inc. stocks various this family of alloys in the form of strip & coil.  A variety of sizes are available from stock which can be referenced in the tables below.


In addition, our inventory contains Hiperco 50A in the form of plate for applications requiring this configuration.  Please see table below for the range of sizes.


Hiperco 50 is produced in strip form only and contains the addition of niobium for added grain refinement during mill processing and final heat treatment.  The addition of Niobium .05% increases yield strength.  Hiperco 50 strip can be found in the manufacture of rotor and stator laminations in motors and aircraft power generation generators to withstand the high stresses.


Hiperco® 50A is manufactured in both strip coil, bar rod, plate and other wrought forms. It is a high-magnetic-saturation alloy which has been used for transformer laminations and tape toroids. The magnetic properties are slightly better than Hiperco 50 alloy.


Hiperco® 50 HS a iron-cobalt-vanadium soft magnetic alloy also contains the addition of Niobium (Columbium) at 0.30% for added strength.  Hiperco 50 HS is a high-magnetic-saturation alloy which possesses a unique combination of high yield strength and moderate core loss.  As a comparison to Hiperco 50, this alloy is capable of producing a higher yield strength.

Hiperco 50 Strip | Coil ThicknessSKU NumberHiperco 50 Strip | Coil ThicknessSKU Number
0.004” Hiperco 50 Strip | CoilHP50-CO-0040.014” Hiperco 50 Strip | CoilHP50-CO-014
0.006” Hiperco 50 Strip | CoilHP50-CO-0060.020” Hiperco 50 Strip | CoilHP50-CO-020
0.010” Hiperco 50 Strip | CoilHP50-CO-010
Hiperco 50A Strip | Coil ThicknessSKU NumberHiperco 50A Strip | Coil ThicknessSKU Number
0.006” Hiperco 50A Strip | CoilHP50A-CO-0060.014” Hiperco 50A Strip | CoilHP50A-CO-014
0.010” Hiperco 50A Strip | CoilHP50A-CO-010
Hiperco® 50 HS Strip | Coil ThicknessSKU NumberHiperco® 50 HS Strip | Coil ThicknessSKU Number
0.006” Hiperco 50 HS
Strip | Coil
HP50HS-CO-0060.014” Hiperco 50 HS Strip | CoilHP50HS-CO-014
0.010” Hiperco 50 HS Strip | CoilHP50HS-CO-010

hiperco 50A soft magnetic alloy plateHiperco 50A Plate

Hiperco®50A Plate ThicknessSKU NumberHiperco® 50A Plate ThicknessSKU Number
5.250” Hiperco 50A PlateHP50A-PL-5.2500.000” Hiperco 50A PlateXXX-RD-000

For a Hiperco 50, 50A & 50 HS data sheet, or any other Soft Magnetic Alloy data sheets, please go to our Alloys and Metals Literature Library section.